Source code for torchio.transforms.preprocessing.intensity.mask

from typing import Optional, Sequence

import torch

from import LabelMap
from import Subject
from ....transforms.transform import TypeMaskingMethod
from ... import IntensityTransform

[docs]class Mask(IntensityTransform): """Set voxels outside of mask to a constant value. Args: masking_method: See :class:`~torchio.transforms.preprocessing.intensity.NormalizationTransform`. outside_value: Value to set for all voxels outside of the mask. labels: If a label map is used to generate the mask, sequence of labels to consider. **kwargs: See :class:`~torchio.transforms.Transform` for additional keyword arguments. Example: >>> import torchio as tio >>> subject = tio.datasets.Colin27() >>> subject Colin27(Keys: ('t1', 'head', 'brain'); images: 3) >>> mask = tio.Mask(masking_method='brain') # Use "brain" image to mask >>> transformed = mask(subject) # Set voxels outside of the brain to 0 """ # noqa: E501 def __init__( self, masking_method: TypeMaskingMethod, outside_value: float = 0, labels: Optional[Sequence[int]] = None, **kwargs, ): super().__init__(**kwargs) self.masking_method = masking_method self.masking_labels = labels self.outside_value = outside_value def apply_transform(self, subject: Subject) -> Subject: for image in self.get_images(subject): mask_data = self.get_mask_from_masking_method( self.masking_method, subject,, self.masking_labels, ) self.apply_masking(image, mask_data) return subject def apply_masking(self, image: LabelMap, mask_data: torch.Tensor) -> None: masked = mask(, mask_data, self.outside_value) image.set_data(masked)
def mask( tensor: torch.Tensor, mask: torch.Tensor, outside_value: float, ) -> torch.Tensor: array = tensor.clone().numpy() mask = mask.numpy() array[~mask] = outside_value return torch.as_tensor(array)