Command-line tools


A transform can be quickly applied to an image file using the command-line tool tiotr, which is automatically installed by pip during installation of TorchIO:

$ tiotr input.nii RandomAffine output.nii.gz --kwargs "degrees=(0,0,10) scales=0.1" --seed 42

For more information, run tiotr --help.


To print some image metadata, tiohd can be used. Adding the --plot argument will plot the image using Matplotlib:

$ tiohd ~/.cache/torchio/mni_colin27_1998_nifti/colin27_t1_tal_lin.nii
ScalarImage(shape: (1, 181, 217, 181); spacing: (1.00, 1.00, 1.00); orientation: RAS+; dtype: torch.FloatTensor; memory: 27.1 MiB)

For more information, run tiohd --help.