Source code for torchio.transforms.preprocessing.label.keep_largest_component

import SimpleITK as sitk

from .label_transform import LabelTransform

[docs]class KeepLargestComponent(LabelTransform): r"""Keep only the largest connected component in a binary label map. Args: **kwargs: See :class:`~torchio.transforms.Transform` for additional keyword arguments. .. note:: For now, this transform only works for binary images, i.e., label maps with a background and a foreground class. If you are interested in extending this transform `open a new issue`_. .. _open a new issue: """ # noqa: E501 def apply_transform(self, subject): for image in self.get_images(subject): assert == 4 and[0] == 1 sitk_image = image.as_sitk() connected_components = sitk.ConnectedComponent(sitk_image) labeled_cc = sitk.RelabelComponent(connected_components) largest_cc = labeled_cc == 1 tensor, _ = self.sitk_to_nib(largest_cc) image.set_data(tensor) return subject