Source code for torchio.transforms.interpolation

# flake8: noqa: E501

import enum
import SimpleITK as sitk

[docs]@enum.unique class Interpolation(enum.Enum): """Interpolation techniques available in ITK. Example: >>> import torchio as tio >>> transform = tio.RandomAffine(image_interpolation='nearest') """ #: Interpolates image intensity at a non-integer pixel position by copying the intensity for the nearest neighbor. NEAREST: str = 'sitkNearestNeighbor' #: Linearly interpolates image intensity at a non-integer pixel position. LINEAR: str = 'sitkLinear' #: Computes the B-spline interpolation weights over the support region of the B-spline. BSPLINE: str = 'sitkBSpline' GAUSSIAN: str = 'sitkGaussian' LABEL_GAUSSIAN: str = 'sitkLabelGaussian' HAMMING: str = 'sitkHammingWindowedSinc' COSINE: str = 'sitkCosineWindowedSinc' WELCH: str = 'sitkWelchWindowedSinc' LANCZOS: str = 'sitkLanczosWindowedSinc' BLACKMAN: str = 'sitkBlackmanWindowedSinc'
def get_sitk_interpolator(interpolation: str) -> int: if not isinstance(interpolation, str): message = ( f'Interpolation must be a string, not {type(interpolation)}' ) raise ValueError(message) string = getattr(Interpolation, interpolation.upper()).value return getattr(sitk, string)