Source code for torchio.datasets.bite

import abc
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional

from ..typing import TypePath
from ..transforms import Transform
from import download_and_extract_archive
from .. import SubjectsDataset, Subject, ScalarImage, LabelMap

class BITE(SubjectsDataset, abc.ABC):
    base_url = ''

    def __init__(
            root: TypePath,
            transform: Optional[Transform] = None,
            download: bool = False,
        root = Path(root).expanduser().absolute()
        if download:
        subjects_list = self._get_subjects_list(root)
        self.kwargs = kwargs
        super().__init__(subjects_list, transform=transform, **kwargs)

    def _download(self, root: Path):
        raise NotImplementedError

    def _get_subjects_list(self, root: Path):
        raise NotImplementedError

[docs]class BITE3(BITE): dirname = 'group3' """Pre- and post-resection MR images in BITE. *The goal of BITE is to share in vivo medical images of patients wtith brain tumors to facilitate the development and validation of new image processing algorithms.* Please check the `BITE website`_ for more information and acknowledgments instructions. .. _BITE website: Args: root: Root directory to which the dataset will be downloaded. transform: An instance of :class:`~torchio.transforms.transform.Transform`. download: If set to ``True``, will download the data into :attr:`root`. """ def _download(self, root: Path): if (root / self.dirname).is_dir(): return root.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True) filename = f'{self.dirname}.tar.gz' url = self.base_url + filename download_and_extract_archive( url, download_root=root, md5='e415b63887c40b727c45552614b44634', ) (root / filename).unlink() # cleanup def _get_subjects_list(self, root: Path): subjects_dir = root / self.dirname subjects = [] for i in range(1, 15): if i == 13: continue # no MRI for this subject subject_id = f'{i:02d}' subject_dir = subjects_dir / subject_id preop_path = subject_dir / f'{subject_id}_preop_mri.mnc' postop_path = subject_dir / f'{subject_id}_postop_mri.mnc' images_dict = {} images_dict['preop'] = ScalarImage(preop_path) images_dict['postop'] = ScalarImage(postop_path) for fp in subject_dir.glob('*tumor*'): images_dict[fp.stem[3:]] = LabelMap(fp) subject = Subject(images_dict) subjects.append(subject) return subjects